Five Ghosts [episode 1.1]

From the book FIVE GHOSTS by Frank Barbiere & Chris Mooneyham.
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Episode 1.1 is the first part of issue 1 (which we’ve split into 3 parts).
Five Ghosts is an ongoing series.

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Written by Frank Barbiere
Illustrated by Chris Mooneyham

Voice cast:
Sean Crisden
Arielle DeLisle

Video Edited by: Patrick Meaney
Sound Design by: Kelly Carmichael
Music by: Julian Rodriguez
Produced by: Matt Pizzolo

Music on “Subscribe” page: Plague Vendor / My Tongue Is So Treacherous (iTunes

After a tragic encounter with an artifact known as “The Dreamstone,” infamous treasure hunter Fabian Gray is possessed by five literary ghosts and granted access to their unique abilities.

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